“One of my goals is to narrow the gap between architecture and Industrial Design. Both disciplines could heavily benefit from each other.”

What's next?

With regard to the short-term future, I am going to continue with Industrial Design and I am planning to follow some extra courses in addition to the courses of the second year.

For the next few years, I will continue developing my academic and extracurricular areas of expertise and become a competent and well-rounded designer in the process. In particular, I will develop my visual communication skills (one of my SMART goals), business knowledge, and explore the field of architectural engineering. The last will complement and consolidate my interests in the domain of Smart Mobility, Industrial Housing, and Interior Design. Other goals include expanding my prototyping skills and working on late stage product development.

Becoming a Designer

Next Academic year

New Goals

  • I am going to follow three additional courses next academic year, because I want to be challenged more.
  • It is important to be able to present your ideas well. This can best be done visually. That’s why I am going to make one fully animated product video, one video with CGI to show how a product would look like, and one animated CAD video.
  • I am setting up my own online business as an experiment, in order to obtain knowledge in the field of Business and Entrepreneurship.
I am going to experiment more with CAD in the coming year

Long-term Future

Other events during the coming years will be finding a good internship in the third year, and working on many other projects, including my Final Bachelor Project. After my third year, I am currently planning to start a Master’s Program of Industrial Design, perhaps at another university. Afterwards, I would like to specialize, because I want to start my own business, which requires something you are good at and passionate about. Possible ways to specialize include working for a large company for a few years or studying for an MBA or Ph.D. degree.

Project Squads / electives
My Preferences

I’ve indicated my preferences for the following three Project Squads:

  • Smart Mobility
  • Seamless Interaction Design for Everyday Life
  • Vitality

I’ve indicated that I am interested in the fields of Interior Design, Industrial Housing, and Smart Mobility, since they combine architecture and Industrial Design. So naturally, Smart Mobility is on my short list. 


Interactive material applications in car (interior) design is something this squad is doing research on. This fits well with my interest in Interior Design. 


Main competency development target: Business and Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Aesthetics and Technology and Realization.

Business and Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Aesthetics and Technology and 

Realization are key expertise areas for this Project Squad as well. 

“You will redesign a particular functionality that is currently only available through 

computational devices to become available in the periphery of our attention.” 

This fits well with my interest in Industrial Housing.  

Three areas that are related to this Project Squad are: Business and Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Aesthetics and Technology and Realization, which are the domains I am most interested in. 

I have registered for the following electives next quartile: ‘Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship’, ‘Exploratory Sketching’, and the USE learning trajectory ‘Technology Entrepreneurship’. I think these electives will complement my goals of ‘setting up my own online business’, and ‘being able to present your ideas well’.

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