Areas of Expertise with regard to Project 1

Design based on an illustration of Dominique van Berkum

“ALUX is not about mimicking a window, it is about mimicking the effects a window has on our brain.”


We from ALUX want to make sure that every modern citizen has access to sunshine. Light and air are essential to life on Earth. With the modernization of cities, this simple fact is sometimes lost. Underground housing has helped modern cities grow, but it has two major flaws; lighting and air circulation. Everyone wants to have windows for sunlight and air.

ALUX is the best Artificial Lighting for Underground Experience. It is an artificial window designed to mimic the current sunlight intensity and warmth to make sure that people can still have all the comforts of above ground living. ALUX turns your underground living into a lighter, healthier experience. It provides you the feeling that you still live above ground. Our device will turn your underground ceiling into a sky. With adjusted colors for the different weather conditions, you won’t even notice it being artificial.

  • A smart device for a smart city. ALUX.

Midterm Concept

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Perspective projection of prototype 2.5
Prototype 2.5 in context

Final Concept

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Scenery and Interaction

Participants of the user tests have indicated that they would like to see more realistic scenery, and that optionally would fit in with interior aesthetics. Using more advanced printing techniques would result in more realistic scenery.

Currently, two means of interaction are incorporated: users are able to control the fans, and lighting. In the future, fans could also be programmed to fluctuate in accordance with a real air breeze. Also, the lighting could be connected to current weather conditions. This means changing the light intensity and color in order to mimic weather conditions.

Example of alternative scenery
Current senses are light and air
Senses and Casing

In addition to light and air, other senses could be included as well. For example, smell and sound. Sound could mimic the outside world or something that improves the state of mind. Participants have indicated that they like the smell of the after-rain outside world and the smell of summer nights. These kinds of smells could be implemented.   

Depending on the target group, ‘nicer’ materials could be used for the casing, in order to give the product a more finished look and feel. For example, thermoplastic polymers such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which would meet demands (temperature resistance, durability, toughness) or – more expensive – aluminium alloys such as the 8006 series. 

The following images are Artist Impressions of a potential future product

The images show the difference between implementing no scenery, 

and implementing scenery that also affects the overall lighting of the space. 

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