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About me

I am a designer that understands business needs, and effectively demonstrates project viability by testing assumptions at each stage in the process. Furthermore, the consideration of viability never limits my search for creative and novel approaches, but rather broadens my perspective to open up for new ideas. I have a background in digital marketing, scrum, automotive design, and digital solutions for aerospace.

I have a strong passion for product development in relation to business viability. My interest in design is centered around the question how to bring a vision to life. Consistent across my work, is my preference for application-driven design. I enjoy seeing a design come to life, from its earliest sketches, in-depth research, to its final touches, and market introduction. 

‘Curious’ and ‘truth-seeking’ are descriptive for my identity as a creative ‘thinker’. I am a critical designer who asks questions that matter. I am driven by what I observe. Using relevant insights, I direct my creativity towards meaningful design concepts. Seeking to achieve the most within existing limitations, allows me to lead the way for others. I’m a constructive and transformational team member, often taking the lead by initiating new strategies.

Strategic considerations depict all of my work. With a background in scrum, agile project management, market research, and competitor analysis, I am a designer that understands business needs, and demonstrates project viability through financial forecasting. However, financial considerations never limit my search for creative and novel approaches, but rather broaden my perspective. 

I have carried out a four-month internship at Boeing Global Services, department of Digital Solutions & Analytics (DS&A) in Frankfurt am Main. During this internship, I worked at the Research & Rapid Development (R&RD) devision with a team of talented researchers. The research projects have taught me a great deal. The project specifics are subject to an NDA, but I do discuss my development in an internship report.

Many projects and experiences have contributed to becoming the design student that I am today. I’ve developed a forward-thinking mindset, shaping my professional identity and vision. By mastering the right attitude, skills, and knowledge across different areas, I am able to assimilate, integrate, and facilitate progress. By understanding the technology, market needs, and financial constraints, I design effective strategies, identify opportunities, and adjust accordingly.  

My interests reach further than design alone. Science in general, politics, and finance are embedded in my identity. The interaction between those fields have my interest alike. 

“Nijs, I am really impressed by the work you do here. You have exceeded all my expectations and it will be a great loss for the team when you are not around anymore. You need to come back eventually.”

Miriam Cornel


“Herr Bouman verfügt über ausgezeichnete Fachkenntnisse die er stets mit sehr gutem Erfolg in seine tägliche Arbeit einbrachte. Er hat eine ausgezeichnete Auffassungsgabe, und war in ganz besonders hohem Maße zuverlässig.”

Robert Krause

HR Manager

“You did a great job of analyzing multiple strategies by numbers, which is a necessary consideration in business. They are impressive. It is valuable to keep working with this mindset. Good luck with your business!”

Dr. Yaliang Chuang

Assistant Professor

“I was particularly impressed by Nijs’ ability to accurately solve technical issues along the way. His dedicated way of working really stood out, and helped make the project a great success during the Dutch Design Week!”

Dr. Marco Rozendaal

Associate professor

“Nijs is proactive, dedicated and has great organisational capabilities. I think he is a great addition to any team, because he brings strategic confidence and an overall excellent mentality, both professionally and personally.”

Fréderique Haarhuis


“Nijs has demonstrated a true team spirit and positive attitude, a strong ability to deal with complexity and manage stakeholders and was always precise and thorough in his work. I highly recommend Nijs to his future employer.”

Alessandro Iannelli

Director, Global Marketing

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