I am driven by what I observe and base my conclusions on facts and statistics. As a result, I am able to see opportunities and have a critical look at my own work. I am capable of identifying flaws and finding solutions. The key to finding the best solutions, is finding valuable information. This can be hard, since there’s a lot of information available.

Nijs Bouman

student industrial design

I am Nijs Bouman, a second year student Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

My designs are effective, elegant and chase perfection. My identity as a designer is mostly in agreement with the neo-futuristic design movement. Smooth lines, light materials, and little unnecessary details can be found in my designs, while using the latest design and manufacturing techniques. Rationalism influences my design choices. Therefore, my designs tend to be more materialistic, more formal and less artistic. The following images show an example of Neo-Futurism in Eindhoven (railway station).


Industrial Design & Architecture

One of my goals is to narrow the gap between architecture and Industrial Design. Both disciplines could heavily benefit from each other. For example, the way that people interact with a space or building is sometimes not optimally taken care of. Also, a lot of buildings are not designed to adapt to a changing lifestyle. On the other hand, some Industrial Designs tend to be unsuitable for the spaces they are designed for, due to faulty dimensioning or a lack of perspective. I am also interested in the fields of Interior Design, Industrial Housing, and Smart Mobility, since they combine architecture and Industrial Design.


Other styles I am interested in
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